Pollution Free™ with Smart Lighting Kit

Texas customers, receive a smart lighting kit at no charge when you choose clean energy on the Pollution Free™ with Smart Lighting Kit plan.

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100% renewable wind energy for your home

A smart lighting kit to help you control your lights and save energy

An easy way to reduce your carbon footprint

Simply set up the smart lighting hub, install the hub-connected smart bulbs and start saving energy in your home. The LED light bulbs use up to 90% less power than incandescent bulbs, and you can use the accompanying app to control your lights from anywhere, anytime.

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Benefits of smart lighting

Why choose smart lighting? It has been called the gateway to the connected home, and it’s an easy first step to take for those who want to become more energy efficient. The Pollution Free™ with Smart Lighting plan helps you get started with this smart technology, which offers:

  • Convenience. Forget to turn off a light when you leave your home for the day? No worries—smart lights can be controlled from your smartphone or tablet anywhere you have an internet connection. You can also use these controls to dim your smart lights for a better ambiance.
  • Security. When you’re away on vacation, keep mischief-makers at bay by simply programming your smart lights to turn on at certain times, giving the appearance that you’re home.
  • Energy efficiency. The LEDs in smart lights can last up to 15,000 hours or 15 years (whichever comes first), and they use 80 percent less energy than incandescent bulbs. And that’s great news for the planet.
  • Savings. By using less energy, smart lighting costs less to operate than incandescent lights or compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs). Smart lights can recoup their initial price over the long run thanks to their energy efficiency.
  • Customization. Some LED smart lights let you create your very own light show by selecting custom colors using the app on your phone or tablet. Groovy!

Enrollment is limited and provides one smart lighting kit per household. Customers are eligible to receive the kit after completing 30 days of service on this plan. Kit will be mailed to the customer’s billing address within 8 weeks after service start. Quantities are limited. You must have a residential Texas service address to enroll in this plan.

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