Carbon ConsciousSM Natural Gas Plan — 100% Carbon Offset

One eco-conscious choice can make a difference.

The Carbon ConsciousSM plan brings you a greener choice with 100% carbon-offset natural gas. When you use Carbon Conscious gas, we buy carbon offsets from U.S. projects that capture and use landfill gas (methane) to generate clean electricity.1 And since methane’s global warming potential is 25 times greater than CO2, reducing its emission can have significant climate change benefits.2

Carbon Conscious plan details:

Get 100% carbon-offset natural gas at an introductory price for three months, with the flexibility of variable, month-to-month pricing after that.
Further support renewable energy – the carbon offsets we buy to neutralize the CO2 emissions from your gas usage go to a facility that uses landfill gas to generate electricity.
Offset about 8,000 pounds of carbon emissions annually, which is like taking your car off the road for a year.3

Get your clean electricity, too.

You can double your positive impact by signing up for any of our 100% clean electricity plans in addition to this natural gas plan.

Ready to sign up?

Offer currently available in select utilities in IL, MD, and PA.
Contact our support team to sign up today.

IL: 800-274-5289
MD: 877-473-3646
PA: 800-286-5856

Find out more about 100% Carbon-Offset Gas from GME.

1 Carbon offsets are purchased from U.S. based projects registered with Climate Action Reserve or Verified Carbon Standard.


3 Based on U.S. EIA average annual household usage of 750 gas therms and the EPA emission factor of 0.005 metric tons of CO2 per therm of natural gas.

By enrolling in the Carbon Conscious plan, the origin, physical content, and emissions characteristics of the natural gas delivered to your home will not change. However, Green Mountain ensures that you are offsetting the estimated carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions associated with the stated percentage of your natural gas usage by purchasing carbon offsets under one or more third-party carbon offset standards.

Cancellation takes 1-2 billing cycles in most markets.