Carbon ConsciousSM Gas Plan

One eco-conscious choice for your natural gas plan can make a difference.

The Carbon Conscious gas plan brings you a cleaner choice for your home with 100% carbon-offset natural gas. When you use Carbon Conscious gas, we buy carbon offsets from U.S. projects that work to remove or prevent carbon emissions from entering the atmosphere. These offsets essentially cancel out the emissions from your gas usage, keeping you carbon neutral.

Here’s how your Carbon Conscious gas plan works:

Start with a special price

Get natural gas for your home at an introductory price for 3 months, then enjoy the flexibility of variable, month-to-month pricing after that.1

Offset your emissions

We purchase carbon offsets to help mitigate CO2 emissions from your household’s monthly natural gas usage.

Make a positive impact

You could offset as much as 8,000 pounds of CO2 emissions annually. That’s like recycling 60,438 plastic bottles!2

Add clean electricity for an even bigger impact.

Using clean energy to power your home is one of the most impactful things you can do for the planet. And when you sign up for any of our 100% clean electricity plans in addition to this natural gas plan, you grow your impact even more. Choosing clean energy for your home — produced from renewable sources like solar and wind — means you’re doing your part for a greener future.

Check to see whether Carbon Conscious gas and clean electricity plans are available in your area.

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1 After the introductory period expires, ongoing prices may be higher than the utility supply rate.

2 Impact statistics based on U.S. EIA average annual household usage of 750 gas therms per month, the EPA emission factor of 0.005 metric tons of CO2 per therm of natural gas and the average carbon footprint of a 16.9 oz PET plastic bottle as determined by the American Chemistry Council.