Green Mountain™ Energy & Specialty Services

Green Mountain Energy™ Solutions can help you connect the energy you buy with how you use it, ensuring maximum efficiencies. From supply side management to demand side management, Green Mountain has sustainable, cost-effective solutions to meet your energy needs and financial goals. For more information or to receive a quote on these services, please email solutions@greenmountain.com.

Renewable Commodity Electricity

Green Mountain was one of the earliest pioneers in offering cost-competitive cleaner energy products to consumers and businesses. To date, our team of energy experts has sold over 2.0 million megawatt-hours of new renewable energy to businesses nationwide, including some of the nation’s most recognized brands. Whether your goal is to improve your business’s environmental position and market your commitment to customers and stakeholders, reduce your carbon footprint, or earn Green Power Points for LEED® certification, Green Mountain makes it easier to go green– and meet your bottom line.

Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

Green Mountain Energy™ Solutions’ Combined Heat and Power (CHP) product options can provide your business with reliable, energy efficient on-site generation, resulting in lower energy costs and a smaller carbon footprint. Green Mountain’s sister company, NRG Thermal, is one of the largest third party steam providers in the country and delivers heating and cooling systems to nearly 115 million square feet of building spaces throughout the U.S.

Solar Distributed Generation

On-site renewable generation offers businesses the opportunity to take a step towards energy independence and leverage favorable regulatory structures, all at a positive ROI. Green Mountain Energy™ Solutions partners with our sister company, NRG Solar, to provide assistance with the design, installation and financing of on-site solar (photovoltaic) generation projects. Our diversified ownership models include power purchase agreements (PPAs), corporate ownership and solar leasing. NRG Solar is a proven industry leader with multiple solar installations throughout the U.S., including:

  • Washington Redskins FedEx Field (2 MW)
  • Arizona State University (2.1 MW)
  • Prologis (733 MW forecasted)

Demand Side Management Services

Green Mountain Energy™ Solutions works with your company, and your building systems, to implement energy efficiency programs that pay you for reducing your electricity consumption during periods of peak demand (demand response payback programs vary by utility area). Even buildings designed for maximum energy efficiency may still have untapped opportunities to enhance their performance. Through simple actions such as dimming lights and raising thermostat settings, energy efficiency projects are effective ways your company can save money and reduce your carbon footprint.

Peak Load Management

Peak Load Management programs allow companies to lower their power usage at the time when electricity prices are at their highest. By utilizing a combination of hardware, software and energy curtailment strategies, businesses can reduce their electricity demand from the grid. In certain geographic areas, demand response programs are also available to maximize financial advantages.

Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

As major auto manufacturers launch in the electric vehicle market and consumer adoption begins to spread, Green Mountain stands ready to provide your business access to a comprehensive electric vehicle charging infrastructure. Through our partnership with fellow NRG Energy company, eVgo, we can help minimize upfront capital costs and operational challenges and make it easy for your company to support your EV-driving customers, employees and key stakeholders.

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