Understanding Your JCP&L Bill

How to Read Your Bill

  • You still receive your bill from JCP&L.
  • Your electricity charges are now split into supply charges from us and delivery charges from JCP&L.
  • JCP&L’s Transmission and Distribution charges will remain on the bill.

Learn more about your JCP&L bill.

How to Pay Your Bill

You’ll continue to pay JCP&L just like you always have.

Business (Commercial) customers only:

  • Single-billed customers: If your business receives one consolidated bill, your payment should be sent to your utility company.
  • Dual-billed customers: If your business receives two bills (one from your utility and one from us):
    • Mail your payment, along with the remittance portion, to:
      Green Mountain Energy Company
      P. O. Box 25211
      Lehigh Valley, PA 18002-5211
    • Send a payment overnight: If your payment is delayed, use this overnight mailing address to ensure it's posted on time:
      Green Mountain Energy Company
      Remittance Processing Group GENN -1
      2 North Ninth Street
      Allentown, PA 18101