The Green Mountain App

Get convenience in the palm of your hand with the Green Mountain App.

Manage your account, view your usage and earn rewards for living green, all from your smart device. See it in action or download now.

Convenient account access

Review billing features

The app makes it easy to keep track of your bills, check your account balance and review payment history.

Manage account services

Quickly update your account information or sign up for account services like AutoPay and Tree Free Billing.

Check out available plans

Looking to switch it up? Shop and compare your clean electricity plan options.

Transfer your service

Take your renewable energy plan with you when you move.

Usage data at your fingertips

Compare your usage

Watch your energy use in real time* to see how various trends, costs and weather conditions can affect your usage.

View easy-to-understand analysis

See how and when your energy is being used by customizing your in-app data experience.

Green living rewards

Level up your committment

Take more steps toward sustainability and earn badges that showcase how you keep your life clean and green.

Track your personal impact

By choosing clean energy, you help prevent greenhouse gas emissions. Track your positive impact as it happens!

Connect to your electric vehicle

See how far you can go

Check your battery status and your remaining range.

Schedule charging

Take advantage of special pricing and never worry about forgetting to charge.

Check your impact

Watch your environmental impact AND your savings grow with every mile you drive!

Download the Green Mountain App to keep you in the know.

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