We Make Going Green in Houston, TX a Breeze.

Choose renewable energy in Houston for a cleaner planet.

As the nation’s longest-serving renewable energy retailer and a carbon-neutral company, Green Mountain Energy knows the important role that clean energy plays in creating a green future. That’s why we’re proud to help Houstonians like you protect the environment by offering 100% clean electricity backed by wind or solar power, plus sustainable solutions to reduce your carbon footprint.

When you choose renewable energy with us, you can prevent more than 22,000 pounds of CO2 from entering the atmosphere every year. That’s like taking your car off the road for 26,700 miles!1 That’s something that would make any Houstonian smile.


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Pollution Free™

Help inspire hope and motivate action through the use of clean energy by choosing a 100% renewable electricity plan.

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Go Local Solar

Let your Texas pride shine bright by powering your home using 100% solar energy from solar parks right here in the Lone Star State.

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Solar All Nighter for EVs

Power your home with 100% solar power and enjoy a lower electricity price at night when you're most likely to be charging your electric vehicle.

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Why choose clean energy in your Houston home?

Renewable energy is made from sources like the sun and wind, which are naturally replenished and virtually inexhaustible. When you power your Houston home with green energy from a proven Texas electric company, you make a difference for the planet. You also increase the demand for a more sustainable way of life, which is one of the reasons why renewable energy is the fastest-growing industry in the U.S.

Solar energy

The amount of sunlight that hits the Earth in an hour, could supply electricity to the world for a year. The sun is the gift that keeps giving, so let it power your home and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Wind energy

Catch the cool breeze and turn it into renewable energy. You can make a difference for the planet and help secure America's energy future when you use wind power in Texas.

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Want to learn more? Take a peek at how clean energy works.

Some of the benefits of choosing Green Mountain Energy:

  • Reduce your carbon footprint by harnessing clean energy to power your home.
  • Get a 100% clean electricity plan from renewable sources like wind or solar.
  • Support a cleaner electric grid by growing the demand for Texas renewable energy.
  • Enjoy plans that offer free renewable energy every night.
  • Buy carbon offsets to balance emissions from waste consumption, travel and more.
  • Support sustainability solutions for nonprofits by donating to Green Mountain Energy Sun Club.

Energy competition in Houston, Texas

Since 2002, homes and businesses in Houston have had the power to choose which electricity provider will power their lives. Texas electricity customers have used this power to shop for electricity to meet their needs and their values. For us, the power of consumer choice means that we can take meaningful action to change the way electricity is made and help make tomorrow cleaner and greener.

How Texas electricity providers get power to your home

In any given area in Texas, the Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) owns, operates and maintains the region’s poles and wires. They’re also the ones who read your meter every billing cycle and respond to power outages when they occur. No matter which energy company in Houston you choose, you’ll always have the same TDSP.

In Houston and the surrounding areas — including Spring, Cypress, Galveston, Pasadena and Richmond — your TDSP is CenterPoint Energy.

Fun facts about clean energy in Houston:

  • The City of Houston ranks #1 on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Green Power Partnership Top 30 Local Government list, using solar and wind power for 90% of its energy usage.2
  • Google’s Project Sunroof has rated Houston as having the most solar energy potential of any U.S. city, with an estimated 18,940 gigawatt hours of rooftop solar generation potential per year.3
  • Houston’s solar capacity has more than doubled every year for the past two years, with a goal to reach 14% of the city’s electricity coming from rooftop solar by the year 2050.4

Go Houston! Here’s to a city that’s doing its part for the planet. The future looks bright.


These Houston communities can power their homes with renewable energy:

Houston, TX
Bellaire, TX
Cypress, TX
Pearland, TX  

Houston Heights, TX
Sugar Land, TX
Pasadena, TX
Deer Park, TX  

Katy, TX
Spring, TX
and many

Enter your ZIP code to compare our electricity rates in
Houston, and find the plan that fits your lifestyle.

1Impact statistic based on a Texas household with monthly usage of 2,000 kWh and an annual car mileage of 15,000.
2U.S. Environmental Protection Agency – Green Power Partnership Top 30 Local Government
3Google – Shedding light on solar potential in all 50 U.S. States
4Environment Texas

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