100% clean energy—available in CenterPoint Energy’s
 service area
100% clean energy—available in CenterPoint Energy’s
 service area
100% clean energy—available in CenterPoint Energy’s
 service area

100% clean energy—available in CenterPoint Energy’s
service area

Good news! You can power your home with renewable energy if you live in CenterPoint Energy’s service area. By signing up for one of our 100% clean energy plans, you could save the planet from 35,011 pounds of CO2 every year. That’s like driving 43,229 fewer miles!*

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Why choose renewable energy?

Renewable energy is 100% pollution-free, created from renewable sources (like the wind and the sun) that are naturally replenished and virtually inexhaustible. It’s squeaky clean!

Choosing clean energy helps make a difference by supporting the development of new pollution-free generation facilities around the country. To date, Green Mountain customers’ demand has helped lead the development of 50+ new wind and solar facilities across the U.S.

Discover the power of clean! Check out our short video that explains how clean energy works.

The power to choose in Texas

When the Texas Legislature restructured the retail electricity market in 2002, it gave CenterPoint residents like you the power to choose your preferred Retail Electric Provider (REP). Houston-area electricity consumers benefit from this market competition through lower prices, better customer service, more incentives offered by REPs and, in the case of Green Mountain, the option to choose 100% clean, renewable energy.

More about Transmission and Distribution Service Providers

No matter which company you choose to supply your electricity, there is only one Transmission and Distribution Service Provider (TDSP) in a given area. A TDSP maintains the region’s poles and wires, responds to power outages and reads meters. CenterPoint Energy is the TDSP in Houston and the surrounding areas, including Angleton, Alvin, Cypress, Galveston, Pasadena and Richmond.

How CenterPoint Energy and Green Mountain Energy are connected

CenterPoint Energy maintains all the wires, poles and electric infrastructure in the 5,000-square-mile Houston metropolitan area. Its employees ensure the reliable delivery of power from power plants to homes and businesses, but the company does not generate or sell power to its customers. That falls to Retail Electric Providers (REPs) such as Green Mountain Energy — the nation’s leading competitive retail provider of clean energy from renewable natural resources.

CenterPoint communities we serve

Houston, TX
Bellaire, TX
Cypress, TX
Pearland, TX

Sugar Land, TX
Pasadena, TX
Richmond, TX
Spring, TX

Baytown, TX
Humble, TX
Galveston, TX
and more!

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Both. CenterPoint is a regulated "wires" utility that owns, operates and maintains the poles, wires and substations to deliver electricity from power plants to customers of 85 electricity providers. It also offers natural gas service.

You should call CenterPoint Energy at 713-207-2222 or 800-332-7143 to report an outage or a downed power line in the Houston area.

CenterPoint is a utility that delivers electricity from power plants to customers. Your chosen retail electricity provider (REP) provides you with your rate and contract term—and in the case of Green Mountain Energy, 100% clean energy.

*Based on a Texas household with monthly usage of 2,000 kWh and an annual car mileage of 15,000.

1 The free nights electricity charges (8:00 p.m. to 5:59 a.m.) will be reflected on your monthly bill and are included in the average price calculation. Green Mountain Energy reserves the right to discontinue this plan without notice.

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