A Green Mountain Energy® Sun Club Project





Houston, TX

Dedication Date

April 17, 2019

Donation Type

Sustainability curriculum



Claim to Fame

First donation used as an investment in sustainability through education curriculum in public schools  

Project Overview

EcoRise, a school-based nonprofit organization inspiring a new generation of leaders to design a sustainable future, received $120,000 from Sun Club to deliver student-driven sustainability curriculum, mini-grants and training to educators at no cost in the Houston area.

The three-year partnership, funded by Sun Club, provides more than 50 K–12 teachers with professional development, curriculum and resources focused on sustainability, innovation and social entrepreneurship. Participating teachers will learn how to develop authentic learning experiences while fostering students’ leadership skills, critical thinking and environmental literacy. They will also have access to a Student Innovation Program, which awards mini-grants to support student-led sustainability projects.

The collaboration between EcoRise and Sun Club is expected to directly impact an estimated 2,800 students and indirectly reach as many as 22,000 students and community members through the extended reach of student-led sustainability projects.

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