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Green Mountain Energy Customers Avoid 8.7 Billion Pounds of Carbon Dioxide in 2022

Posted: August 30, 2023

In 2022, Green Mountain Energy customers chose renewable energy with
an impact equivalent to planting one million trees.

HOUSTON, August 30, 2023 /3BL/ - Green Mountain Energy customers prioritized protecting the environment in 2022 by choosing renewable energy and carbon offset products to prevent more than 8.7 billion pounds of carbon dioxide (CO2) from entering the atmosphere.

To illustrate the impact, that’s the equivalent of planting 1 million trees, taking 1.1 million cars off the road, or 25 million households turning their lights off for a year. Since 1997, Green Mountain Energy customers have collectively avoided 107 billion pounds of carbon dioxide, the equivalent of planting more than 12.8 million trees.

"Green Mountain Energy customers use the power of customer choice to change the way power is made and reduce their carbon footprint,” said Mark Parsons, vice president and general manager of Green Mountain Energy. "We are confident our customers will continue to light the path to a brighter future as they seek to live sustainably across all parts of their lives."

Green Mountain Energy also advances sustainability through its charitable program, Sun Club®. Sun Club collaborates with nonprofit organizations on projects that focus on renewable energy, energy efficiency, resource conservation, and environmental stewardship.

Since its founding in 2002, Sun Club has donated more than $13 million to 156 nonprofit organizations across Texas and the Northeast. In 2022 alone, Sun Club donated $1.4 million to fund 13 projects. These projects are estimated to have generated 21 million kWh of solar electricity; avoided more than 4 million pounds carbon dioxide; captured 15 million gallons of rainwater; and grew 264,000 pounds of produce. To learn more about supporting Green Mountain Energy and Sun Club or to apply for a Sun Club grant, visit

Green Mountain offers a variety of options for customers to harness the power of the sun to sustainably meet their energy needs. For example, the Renewable Rewards Solar Credit plan allows residents to get the most out of their solar panel system. Excess electricity generated by the panels flows into the grid, and in exchange, customers receive a Green Mountain Energy bill credit for 100% of the excess energy produced by the solar system.

Customers who sign up for the Solar All Nighter for EVs Plus plan can fuel their electric vehicles with 100% renewable energy, powering their electric vehicles at home during low-cost hours of the day to reduce their carbon footprint using emissions-free electricity.

Green Mountain Energy has helped communities light up with hope for a greener future since 1997. This commitment to clean energy is reflected in our new brand campaign "Light the Future." Watch the campaign video here, and meet the new firefly brand ambassador Lucy as she will continue to glow across the company’s website, social media channels, and more.

To learn more about how to take the next step toward sustainability with renewable energy plans, visit

About Green Mountain Energy Company

Green Mountain Energy is the nation’s longest serving renewable energy retailer, on a mission to change the way power is made since 1997. Green Mountain offers consumers and businesses the choice of cleaner electricity products from renewable sources, as well as a variety of carbon offset products and sustainable solutions for businesses. Collectively, Green Mountain customers have helped avoid more than 107 billion pounds of carbon dioxide emissions to date. Green Mountain is lighting the path to a brighter future by supporting the sustainable projects of nonprofits through our charitable program, Green Mountain Energy Sun Club. To learn more about Green Mountain, visit

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