Solar Panel Fund Plan

Support solar energy while earning credits toward solar panels of your own.

Planning on going solar in the next few years? Sign up for the Solar Panel Fun (SPF) plan, and power your home with 65% national solar energy and 35% national wind electricity today while earning $600 in annual credits to help pay for a qualified rooftop solar installation for your home in the future.

Sign up and you’ll:

  • Earn solar credits of $50 per month ($600 per year), up to a maximum credit of $3,000, to help pay for a rooftop solar installation with one of our preferred solar installers. Combine these credits with any other solar rebate from Green Mountain Energy.
  • Get a 100% clean electricity plan that's powered by 65% National solar energy and 35% wind energy.
  • Support the growth of solar power—we’ll set aside money each month on your behalf for the Green Mountain Energy solar fund, created to help pay for a variety of projects, programs and solar-related technologies.

*SPF customers will earn a $50 solar credit for every full month enrolled on the SPF plan, up to a maximum aggregate credit amount of $3,000 after five years on the SPF plan. After five years on a SPF plan, additional credits will not be earned. Customers who terminate enrollment on an SPF product and then later enroll again on an SPF product will earn a monthly solar credit for the amount specified from the time of the later enrollment, in addition to any eligible credits earned from the earlier, initial enrollment, as long as the customer has maintained continuous electric service with Green Mountain Energy. Solar credits cannot be transferred to another Green Mountain Energy customer, exchanged for cash, or traded for an alternative type of credit. Solar credits are available to qualified customers in addition to any other ongoing Green Mountain Energy promotion, including other available installation rebates or incentives, unless said rebate is expressly qualified as not to be used in conjunction with a solar credit.

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