Prep Essentials

Stay powered up during weather events at home or on the go with Prep Essentials.

Renting a small home, living in an apartment or looking for backup power that you can easily pack up and take anywhere? Our Prep Essentials package comes equipped with a portable, lightweight power station, car charger and emergency lights — allowing you to stay powered up anytime, anywhere.

Our Goal Zero Yeti 500X is ideal for someone who is unable to have a backup generator installed in their home and only seeking lighter coverage to keep lights on, laptops powered, cell phones charged and Wi-Fi secure. And, as a Prep Essentials customer, you have the option to receive a 15% discount on any Goal Zero product, making it easy to get started right away.

Take a look at everything you'll get:

A Goal Zero Yeti 500X to keep small to medium devices charged.

Two Light-a-Life 350 LED lights to use for an emergency or on a trip.

A FREE Goal Zero Yeti 12V car charging cable to charge your Yeti or power bank while you drive.


Ready, Set, Prepare: Prep Essentials – Eligibility Requirements

(a) Green Mountain Energy Company (“Green Mountain”) agrees to sell, and you agree to purchase and pay for, the Green Mountain Energy Ready, Set, Prepare: Prep Essentials at the price indicated on the online transaction.

(b) In order to qualify for the Ready, Set, Prepare: Prep Essentials, you must be enrolled in a Green Mountain Energy electricity plan with a contract term length greater than or equal to 12 months. Green Mountain Energy customers on a month-to-month plan are not eligible for the purchase of the Ready, Set, Prepare Prep Essentials offer.

(c) To be eligible to purchase this offer, the shipping address you provide must match your service address. If you complete a purchase and are determined to be ineligible for this offer, your purchase will be refunded and no product will be delivered. Green Mountain Energy is not responsible for the time it may to take for a credit card refund to be issued to you if you are ineligible due to the reasons listed above.

(d) This offer is limited to one order per service address.


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