Eco-friendly Office Tips

Waste less at work with the smart ideas.

Whether you’re a dedicated friend of the environment who wants to influence your coworkers to reduce their trash or a corporate leader looking for ways to reduce costs and motivate your employees, these tips can help. Our video provides simple and big-picture recommendations for creating a more eco-friendly office.

Fun Facts

Choose reusable supplies

Choose reusable ink cartridges for your printer with a cartridge refilling program, as many companies offer discounts on future ink cartridge purchases.

Pack a greener lunch

Instead of single-use paper and plastic baggies, invest in a sturdy set of food containers you can pack your lunch in for years to come.


Many employers offer their people the chance to work from home on occasion. By avoiding a long commute, people can save time and gas.


Look for office equipment with the blue ENERGY STAR sticker. These computers, copiers, fax machines and printers save energy through efficient design and power management options.

Save paper

Challenge yourself and your coworkers to cut down on paper usage. Stop printing emails, have paperless meetings and change your printer default to double-sided when you need copies.

Add plants to your workspace

Adding some greenery brightens up the office, brings in a little bit of the outdoors and helps clean the air. Choose plants that do well in shade or indirect light, like peace lilies, cast iron plants, bamboo palms and English ivy.

Buy supplies in bulk

Reduce packaging and shipping waste by purchasing office supplies in bulk. You could also save money and time along the way.

Conserve electricity

At the end of the day, turn off any machines that don’t need to stay on overnight for instant energy savings.

Create an office recycling center

Set up bins for recyclable materials such as glass, plastic, aluminum and mixed paper. If the office doesn’t have a pick-up service, people can take turns bringing the materials to a local recycling center each week.

Choose clean, renewable energy
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