How to Conserve Energy in the Summer.

When summertime rolls around, it’s hard to resist the urge to want to cool down as quickly as possible. But before turning your A/C to the coolest setting, you’ll want to consider tips and tricks that’ll help you stay cool and save energy.

Turning to energy-efficient habits during the hot days of summer will prepare you for periods of extreme heat and peak electricity demand. By reducing your usage during the hottest parts of the day, from 2-9 p.m., you’ll conserve energy, save on your electricity bill and alleviate stress on the grid.

Here’s how to reduce your usage during extremely high temperatures:

  • Set your thermostat 4° higher when you’re away for more than 4 hours.
  • Raise your thermostat 2-3° from 2-9 p.m. and use fans to feel 4-6° cooler.
  • Wait until the sun goes down to wash clothes and dishes.
  • Use a timer on your pool pump to prevent it from continuously running.
  • Block out the sun with blinds or drapes to reduce heat gain by up to 33%.
  • Unplug nonessential electronics to avoid phantom loads, where devices are consuming energy even when they’re powered off.
  • Weatherstrip exterior doors and windows to keep the heat out.
  • Turn off lights in vacant rooms, offices and workspaces.
  • Only turn on lights in areas where you need them instead of lighting the entire room.

Lower your impact by making good habits this summer.

When electricity demand is high, there are some immediate things you can do to help conserve energy and lower your carbon footprint. But even when demand isn’t at its peak, there are still habits you can form to help you stay comfortable and save energy while lowering your carbon footprint.

  • Prolong the life of your air conditioner with regular A/C tune-ups that will improve indoor air quality and promote energy efficiency.
  • Change your A/C filters every 30 days for optimal performance.
  • Charge your devices before bed instead of leaving them plugged in overnight.
  • Dry heavy and light fabrics separately to ensure all clothes in a load dry at the same time. Or, hang clothes outside to dry.
  • Keeping your freezer full will help it to cool better as the cold air is distributed more evenly.
  • Ensure that your water heater is set to 120°F for optimal efficiency.
  • Inspect your attic insulation to ensure that it isn’t wet, moldy or damaged, which results in more A/C usage.
  • Seal any gaps, tears or other openings in your ductwork that may be letting cool air escape.

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