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Planting Trees for Energy Efficiency

Planting trees for energy efficiency
Planting trees for energy efficiency
Planting trees for energy efficiency

Everyone knows that planting trees has a meaningful impact on the environment — but did you know this act can also help drive down your energy bill? It takes the right trees, planted in the right locations, but you may be able to reduce summer cooling costs by up to 35%! For the average homeowner, that could mean savings of up to $250 a year. Learn how this natural addition to your property can elevate your home’s energy efficiency.

Trees lower temperatures naturally.

Trees are workhorses for our environment. They not only help create oxygen for us to breathe, but they also help lower the planet’s overall temperature through the process of transpiration.

Plants release excess water into the air from their leaves when their surrounding atmosphere heats up. This evaporated water helps cool them down and cools their surrounding environment, too. This means that by planting trees around your property, you’re already taking a first step toward creating a cooler environment for your house.

Shade from trees equals savings.

What really allows for greater energy efficiency is planting trees to provide cover for your house. Stick to planting trees on the west and northwest sides of your home — these planting locations mean your trees will help block the sun’s rays during the day’s hottest hours. Morning sun too bright? Then plant trees along the east side of your house to keep your home cool during the early hours of the day.

The right trees matter.

You may be ready to jump right into planting, but be mindful: you’re looking for a specific type of tree to help do the job. A deciduous tree, to be exact. To brush up on biology, a deciduous tree is one that loses its leaves in the winter. This means it will be nice and brushy during those summer months, providing you with ample shade. If you want year-round coverage, consider evergreen trees instead. No matter which you choose, be sure to take into account the mature size of your trees before you purchase saplings — if you don’t want to care for large trees in the future, purchase more manageable trees today.

Trees are a valuable resource for our natural world. And planting trees serves as a great way to positively shape our environment while also doing some good for your energy bill. So, to all those who are ready to take the planting plunge, happy growing!

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