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How Sustainable Development Helps Pave the Way for a Brighter Future

Wind turbines on green lush landscape with an evening sky.
Wind turbines on green lush landscape with an evening sky.
Wind turbines on green lush landscape with an evening sky.

What if we didn’t have to sacrifice tomorrow to provide for today? It would be better for all of us— and the planet—to try to satisfy both current and future demand on our resources by shifting behaviors and finding creative solutions that reduce our collective carbon footprint. It’s possible—by keeping environmental sustainability in mind.

What is sustainable development?

Producing something without depleting natural resources is called sustainable development.

For example, clean energy from renewable sources like the wind and the sun can provide sustainable solutions now while protecting our planet for future generations. That’s what Green Mountain Energy is all about. Sustainable development can occur in many other ways, though.

Examples of sustainable development

Along with clean energy, other green practices can help individuals and businesses thrive. Here are just a few examples:

Sustainable construction and materials
Using energy-efficient building techniques as well as recycled and renewable materials can help make buildings greener. Reclaimed wood furniture, recycled glass countertops, “living walls” that act as natural air filters—the possibilities are endless.

Water conservation
More efficient water fixtures and smart watering technology help cut down on the use of this precious resource.

Sustainable transportation
Development that includes plans for and access to public transit, carpool lanes, bicycle lanes, walkways and electric car charging stations encourages shifts in behavior toward green living. For businesses and residents with EV charging stations, selecting a 100% renewable energy plan (like those offered by Green Mountain) further ensures drivers are completing the cycle of sustainability and maximizing the full benefit of having an electric vehicle.

Green space
Urban planning that incorporates green spaces helps attract wildlife and provides places to enjoy the great outdoors.

Crop rotation
Both commercial and residential gardeners can use crop rotation to help maximize the growth potential of soil while lessening the presence of disease in it.

Sustainable forestry
Sustainable companies in the logging industry that replace harvested trees with new trees replenish the resource, which also provides oxygen for us to breathe.

What can we do to encourage sustainable development?

Each of us can promote sustainability. Embracing green living is an easy way to start. We can also help change the way power is made by making smarter energy choices at home—by opting for clean energy, using residential solar power and being more energy efficient.

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