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Why Electric Vehicles Matter to Us

What's the only thing better than an EV? An EV powered by 100% renewable electricity. Here Green Mountain Energy Company explains the relationship between powering your home with pollution-free electricity and driving an electric vehicle.

At Green Mountain Energy Company, we believe that electric vehicles are part of the solution to the pollution problem.  Why?  Because after electricity generation, automobiles and light-duty trucks are the second-leading cause of carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S.  Beyond CO2, gas-powered vehicles emit numerous other pollutants including: carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbons and other dangerous particulates – all of which pose a threat to our environment and our health.

Plug-in electric vehicles have zero tailpipe emissions and are much better for the environment than conventional, internal-combustion automobiles.   They also help you avoid volatile gas prices at the pump, help reduce our dependence on fossil fuels, and improve the reliability and security of our energy system in the U.S.

However, an electric vehicle charged with electricity generated from dirty or non-renewable sources isn’t truly emissions free.  That’s where renewable energy comes into play.  By choosing pollution-free electricity for your home, you can charge your electric vehicle with renewable energy and drive truly 100% emissions-free.

If you own an electric vehicle or are considering purchasing one, don’t forget that Green Mountain Energy offers a 100% wind electricity product that’s priced exclusively for Texas electric vehicle drivers.  To learn more, visit

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