Eco-friendly Kitchen Tips

Check out ways to green up your kitchen space.

There are a lot of easy ways to be more sustainable at home, starting in the kitchen—our favorite room in the house!

Make your lifestyle even more eco-friendly by using clean energy.

Fun Facts


Instead of tossing eggshells, fruit and veggie scraps, tea bags and coffee grounds in the trash, save them in a separate bin and start a compost pile. You’ll have less trash and richer soil!

Eliminate disposable items

Paper towels and paper napkins can be replaced by cloth equivalents to cut down on waste in the kitchen. Simply toss them in with your regular load of laundry for long-lasting, reusable alternatives.

Opt for natural

When it comes to surface cleaners and air fresheners, go for all-natural to cut down on the chemicals used in your home. You can even make your own using common household products.

Stock your fridge and freezer

Generally, a full refrigerator or freezer is more energy efficient than an empty one—the cold contents help contain the cold and the unit won’t have to work as hard to cool the empty space.

Buy in bulk

Purchasing food in bulk cuts down on packaging, saves money and can help reduce the number of grocery trips you take, saving gas. Just make sure the larger quantity doesn’t go to waste in your home.

Do dishes the smart way

To save water and energy, wash full loads of dishes and let them air dry instead of using the heat cycle.

Make your lifestyle even more eco-friendly by using clean energy.