Small business. Big purpose.

Every penny counts, and we understand that it isn’t always easy to do your part for the environment while growing your business.

That’s why we’re here.

We offer sustainable solutions to help your business build its eco-friendly status and improve its bottom line.

We do more than work for you. We work with you to provide customized energy solutions that align your economic and environmental goals. What that means for you is renewable energy at an affordable price, and the opportunity to position your business as a green leader. What it means to your local community — and the planet — is the opportunity for a brighter future. Everybody wins.

Sustainability matters.

Choosing a cleaner energy product from Green Mountain is one of the easiest and most affordable things you can do to reduce your business’s carbon footprint. And your commitment to clean power could ultimately bring more green to your wallet.

Get started with our clean,
renewable energy plans and solutions.

Protect your business from rising energy costs.

As a business owner, you understand the need to protect your business from major losses. But what about protection from rising energy costs? Our fixed-rate plans make it easier to budget for your company’s electricity costs, while supporting a cleaner environment. All of our products include at least 15% renewable energy, and term lengths vary to fit your specific needs. We also offer 100% renewable plans for businesses that want to go the extra green mile.

Plug in to the sun’s power.

Solar power can help reduce your business’s monthly expenses, while increasing its sustainability. Because a customized solar (PV) system will provide most of the energy your business needs, you’ll save on electricity costs and have more money to put back into your company. We’ll set you up with one of our preferred solar installers to ensure an efficient solar power system. On top of that, Green Mountain offers a Renewable Rewards® Buyback Program that helps you maximize the return on your solar investment. Learn more about commercial solar with Green Mountain and how it can benefit your business. Currently available in Texas only.

Get bill credits for being green.

If you’re a Texas business owner with a solar (PV) or wind energy system that’s connected to the grid, we’ve got good news. You can sell back your excess power at the price you pay for it when you sign up for our Renewable Rewards® Buyback Program.

Redefine your values, and let us help.

At Green Mountain, we never stop trying to improve what we offer to give you the advantage. A few of the additional benefits you can expect when you choose Green Mountain to power your business include…

  • A renewable energy purchase certificate and window decal for your storefront
  • Assistance with registration in the EPA Green Power Partnership program for qualifying purchases
  • Materials to promote your environmental commitment to customers and stakeholders