Green Mountain offers Texas commercial customers a wide range of cleaner electricity product options to meet your business’s energy needs and environmental goals. Call us to discuss which product best suits your needs or submit your information via our online quote form.

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Fixed products are perfect for the customer that wants price protection from possible rising energy costs.

Wholesale Pass Through

Wholesale Pass Through products allow customers to take advantage of fixing a block of power for the majority of their electricity load, while capturing market opportunity on the remainder of their usage in the Index market.


Blended products allow customers to take advantage of the unique shape of their electricity load and fix the most expensive portions of it, while capturing market opportunity on the remainder of their usage.

Heat Rate

Heat Rate products are ideal for customers who want to link the opportunities in the natural gas market to the cost of electricity. This product gives customers the flexibility of real time natural gas locks for either a portion of or their entire electricity load.

Managed Index

Managed Index products are ideal as a bridge product between times of higher prices or for newer meters that have limited usage history. Customers who can withstand monthly price fluctuations may benefit from the historically-lower overall prices derived from Index market pricing.

Flex Plan

As the name suggests, the Flex Plan provides maximum flexibility by customers the opportunity to move back and forth between product types to take advantage of lower market prices as they occur.

Green Mountain Energy Company has not only proven to be extremely price competitive, but the company has also been an outstanding partner in terms of our aggressive plans to improve our environmental footprint in Texas.

– John Albach, Half Price Books