We’re Turning 23!

It’s been 23 years since our humble start in Vermont — and while we can’t celebrate in person this year, we thought we could bring the party to all of you. You can find a full dance party playlist with 23 of our favorite hits, one from each year we’ve been in business. Don’t have time for a full listen? We’ve selected some of our favorites below. We hope they get you grooving!

1997 — Wannabe

"If you wanna be our customer, you gotta get with our plans." Those are the Spice Girls lyrics, right? No? Oh well, certainly a hit that marks our first year in business!


1999 — All Star

Our customers certainly are all-stars; with their support, we were able to help build the first utility-scale wind farm in Pennsylvania in 1999.


2002 — Soak Up the Sun

The Green Mountain Sun Club® was founded to help local nonprofits fund their sustainability projects. And since the founding, Sun Club has donated over $10M to organizations looking to grow their green impact!


2004 — Hey Ya!

Moving outside of residential services, this was the first year we helped small businesses go green with clean energy.


2009 — Empire State of Mind

We <3 NYC! In 2009, we became the first energy company dedicated to clean electricity in NYC.


2013 — Roar

We came roaring into the year with the SolarSPARC® program for Texas customers, the first 100% solar plan in the state.


2020 — Blinding Lights

While it’s been a tumultuous year so far, we can’t help but think the future is bright. As more customers choose renewable energy, we’re helping reduce dependency on traditional power sources and build a cleaner grid.


Enjoy our full dance party playlist here on YouTube. And let us know how you’re celebrating at home by chiming in on social!

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