Light the Future with 7 Hopeful Choices for Today

Do you want to help light the future with hope for a cleaner planet? It starts by choosing 100% clean, renewable energy to power your home. Using clean energy from renewable sources like the wind and the sun — instead of relying on electricity that’s generated from burning fossil fuels — keeps carbon emissions out of the atmosphere, letting Earth breathe easier with hope for a more sustainable tomorrow.

But powering up with renewable energy is just the beginning of your journey to a cleaner, greener future. Every green action you take lights the future for everyone (and everything) that calls this planet home.

Here are some other simple choices you can make to lighten up your carbon footprint.

If you have the ability and aren’t traveling far, try biking or walking instead of driving. There are zero carbon emissions, and you might even see some interesting sights that you’ve been missing while stuck behind the wheel.

You can save water and energy — not to mention time and effort — by learning eco-friendly laundry habits like washing clothes in cold water and only washing full loads. Small changes like these can really add up to help the planet.

If you’re shopping for a vehicle, it’s worth taking a little time to research electric vehicles. EVs are a cleaner, greener option than their gas-powered counterparts. Plus, the timing couldn’t be better: you can currently get rewarded for your vehicle purchase with EV tax credits thanks to the Inflation Reduction Act (check out detailed information here). A home and a car both powered by clean energy means double the positive environmental impact.

You may already know that choosing ENERGY STAR certified appliances helps the planet, but did you know not all appliances are created equal when it comes to energy conservation? Check out this energy use comparison for kitchen appliances to up your green cooking game. And for the ultimate in yummier and eco-friendlier meals, don’t forget the sustainable cookware.

One of the easiest ways to use less energy is to switch your home’s light bulbs to energy-efficient LEDs . Not only do they require less electricity usage, but they also last far longer than traditional bulbs, saving money and lessening the load on the waste stream.

You don’t have to make major upgrades to make a positive impact on the planet. A smart thermostat can adjust the temperature for you when you’re home or away, so you won’t use more energy on heating and cooling than you need to stay comfortable.

One of the bigger impacts you can make is also the one that requires the least effort! Making the switch to 100% clean electricity from renewable sources means a smaller carbon footprint for you, and a brighter future for the environment.

Light the future and choose 100% clean, renewable energy.
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