7 Ways to Be a Water Warrior This Earth Month

This Earth Month, we’re shining a spotlight on water. Protecting the world’s water supply is a hefty and important job — so much so that the United Nations is putting extra focus on it with its 2023 World Water Conference and World Water Day. But preserving this precious resource isn’t only for huge international organizations. Every drop of water you conserve at home goes a long way toward helping the planet.

You have the power to be a hero to our oceans, lakes and streams. Here are a few ways to start.

When rinsing things like fruits or vegetables, use a bowl or other container to save the water. You can also place a bucket under your faucet while waiting for your shower or bath water to warm. Use this extra water to give your thirsty plants a drink.

You’ll save about 150 gallons of water per month if you cut down your time in the shower by just two minutes.

The majority of plastics in the ocean started off on land, so find eco-friendly alternatives whenever possible.

That dripping faucet is more than just an annoyance — it can waste more than 3,000 gallons of water each year if it drips at a rate of a drop per second. It’ll likely be a simple fix, as the most common cause is a worn or broken washer, gasket or O ring.

Medications, cooking oils and hazardous chemicals shouldn’t be rinsed down the sink or flushed. Chemicals and medications can contaminate our drinking water, and cooking oils solidify into large, congealed masses known as “fatbergs” that clog our sewers! Check with your local pharmacy to see if it offers medication collection for safe disposal, and find info on household chemical disposal programs near you. As for oils, GreenCitizen has a wealth of tips for proper handling, and even recycling, of your used cooking oils.

Let your representatives at the local, state and federal levels know that safe water is a priority for you and your family. More voices like yours can encourage greater action from them.

Research your area’s municipal water system, and schedule a tour of your local water treatment facility for the ultimate educational experience. Knowing more about your household water supply can empower you and your family to make water-smart choices every day.

The actions you take today will help ensure a healthy supply of water for generations to come. And remember, every drop makes a difference!

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