Portable Solar Stories: Bryan S., Lighthouse 250 Lantern

Lighthouse 250 Lantern

EDITOR’S NOTE: We launched our new online specialty products store to offer portable solar products from Goal Zero® to sunshine enthusiasts everywhere. This blog series details our customers’ and employees’ experiences with the products to shed some light on how solar power works on-the-go.

Name: Bryan S., Employee

Location: Austin, TX

Goal Zero® Product (Category):
Lighthouse 250 Lantern

  1. Lighthouse 250 LanternWhat do you think about portable solar?
    Portable power is great – it has a lot of outdoor applications, e.g. tailgating at football games and not having to choke on diesel or car exhaust fumes in order to run a TV or blender. Additionally, I like to spend time at the beach – having a source of electricity to keep my phone charged, the music turned up, and a blender running is pretty rad.
  2. How did you use your portable solar device?
    I took it camping in Pedernales Falls State Park. There is currently a burn ban in Blanco County, so you can’t camp by fire light. I used the light to set up my tent and then charge my Bluetooth speaker when I realized it was dead.
  3. What were the greatest benefits you experienced using the device?
    I was able to see what I was doing at twilight to set up my tent.  I charged the lantern using the USB port in my car while driving to the state park.  It provided a secondary charging port for my speaker.
  4. What surprised you about the product?
    It has a dimmer switch for the LED light which is pretty fancy.  It also has an emergency crank: 1 minute of cranking = 1 minute of light.
  5. Who would you recommend use it, and for what sort of activities?
    Yes, I would recommend it for seeing in the dark and charging small electric devices.


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