How a bathtub explains clean energy…

Solar and wind power make a difference.

Our modern world is fueled by electricity — it helps heat (and cool) our homes, charge our devices and power our lives. Traditionally, power was created through nonrenewable fuel sources, like coal and natural gas, but as alternative generation technology became more widely available, more energy companies have been harnessing the power of our natural world.

Renewable energy sources

Discover how we harness the sun and wind to generate power for homes and small businesses.

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Benefits of clean electricity

See why clean energy is a better alternative for your home’s electricity needs.

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Power of consumer choice

Support your sustainable lifestyle by finding the plan that works for you. Let us help you harness your choice for a greener future.

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How you can help

To protect the environment for our children and future generations, we all need to take proactive steps toward cleaner living habits.

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How does renewable energy work with the grid?

The grid takes energy from a variety of different generation sources, like coal, natural gas and renewables (wind and solar). As demand for renewable energy grows, more clean energy goes onto the grid and decreases the overall need for traditional (and pollutant-heavy) means of energy production. As a Green Mountain customer, you support clean energy going onto the grid.

See the grid and renewable energy in action.

Want to learn how the grid works with renewable energy generation? Watch this video to get a better understanding of our grid’s power mix and how wind and solar play a part.

The clean difference.

Choosing renewable sources helps decrease pollutant production, greenhouse gases and our carbon footprint. The world runs on power, and we need to think ahead to have a future that’s sustainable for our planet and our changing climate. By choosing clean power, you’re making a green difference for our environment and helping ensure a more eco-conscious energy market.

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