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All About Billing

How is my billing handled?

How do I read my bill?

Why was I charged a late fee?

Why did my bill go up (or down) last month?

Why have I not received my first bill?

I am an existing customer, why have I not received my bill?

Do you offer Payment Assistance or Budget Billing?

Switching to Green Mountain Energy

Which kinds of products are available to me?

How do I switch my electricity service to Green Mountain?

How much does it cost?

How many payments can I make on my account each month?

For Current Customers

Who do I call when my service goes out?

How can I report a power outage?

Can I transfer my service online?

How do I disconnect my service?

How can I reset my My Account selection?

Electricity Choice in Texas

How is Green Mountain Energy® electricity made?

How is typical electricity in Texas generated?

How can I obtain a copy of your Electricity Facts Label?

Where can I get information about your Terms of Service?

How does the Texas electricity market work?

Customer Benefits

Do you offer average billing?