Old Jail Art Center

Project Details


Where: Albany, TX

Dedication Date: June 23, 2018

Donation Type: Solar, rain water capture, education


Claim to Fame: Historic jail turned art hot spot with sustainability on display

Project Overview

On top of the Old Jail Art Center sits a 36.36 kW solar array that generates more than 42 percent of the Center’s annual energy needs. That’s the equivalent of avoiding 90,210 pounds of CO2 or not driving 111,384 miles each year! The energy savings reduce the OJAC’s environmental footprint while reducing energy costs. Over a 25-year span, this solar array will save the OJAC $107,000. These savings are redirected to education and exhibition programs.

The $95,842 grant from Sun Club also helped enhance the OJAC’s existing education programs related to conservation, sustainability, and renewable energy. A rainwater-capturing cistern, also installed with these funds, is utilized for irrigation—reducing water usage.

All of this is adds too existing eco-initiatives, like LED lighting, recycling programs, drought-tolerant landscaping, and renewable insulation material. The art center will be equipped with a solar array, a rain water harvesting system, and even more educational programs.