Greensgrow Farms

Project Details

Food Advocacy

Where: Philadelphia, PA

Dedication Date: April 22, 2014

Donation Type: Solar Electric Farm Stand

Size: 4.8

Claim to Fame: First Major Sun Club Donation in Pennsylvania

Project Overview

On Earth Day 2014 the Sun Club brought a little more sunshine and much needed shade to Greensgrow Farms in Philadelphia when we dedicated a beautiful solar farmstand at the urban community farm. It was also the first major donation by the Sun Club in Pennsylvania! The solar farmstand will not only offer shade and shelter to the farm's workers and visitors, but it will also provide a source of pollution-free electricity to the greenhouses while promoting the importance of solar energy. The money saved each month from lower electricity bills goes right back into Greensgrow's community-oriented mission.

After the dedication ceremony, an army of Green Mountain and neighborhood volunteers swarmed the city, planting flowers and beautifying Philadelphia's green spaces. “In urban environments like Philadelphia, it’s easy to forget the important role nature plays in our lives. Greensgrow Farms is here keeping sustainable agriculture in the forefront of our minds, bettering the health of its community and setting an example for local businesses with extensive sustainability efforts,” said Tony Napolillo, Sun Club Program Manager, Green Mountain Energy Company. “The Sun Club is thrilled to contribute to those efforts with this solar array. We couldn't have found a better partner for our first major Pennsylvania project.”