Brookhaven College

Project Details


Where: Farmers Branch, TX

Dedication Date: October 22, 2013

Donation Type: Solar Electric

Size: 7.3 kW

Claim to Fame: Second Sun Club Donation in the Dallas Community College District.

Project Overview

Founded in 1978, Brookhaven College is one of the seven colleges of the Dallas County Community College District. The college is dedicated to reducing energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions, and a $60,000 donation from the  Sun Club will help them achieve those reductions. The funds were used to build a publicly-visible, ground-mounted solar array on their campus. They will also be used to build other innovative solar features around the campus such as a solar cell phone charging station and solar lighting for a bridge that will connect the college to a Dallas city park. Educating the students on solar energy was also one reason Brookhaven was chosen as a Sun Club recipient, with the array being used as a teaching tool in several classes.