Botanical Research Institute of Texas

Project Details


Where: Fort Worth, TX

Dedication Date: May 21, 2011

Donation Type: Solar Electric & Educational Display

Size: 52 kW

Claim to Fame: The Array Is an Important Part of the New Building’s Design to be LEED Certified.

Project Overview

Founded in 1987, the Botanical Research Institute of Texas is an international, scientific research and learning center focused on conservation and knowledge sharing. Based in Fort Worth, BRIT documents the diversity of plant life and conducts extensive research around the world. Current major projects are in Texas, Europe, Peru, and Papua New Guinea. In the last ten years BRIT scientists have located and described scores of species previously unknown to science.

In the spring of 2011, BRIT moved into its new sustainable and energy efficient headquarters located in the Fort Worth Cultural District. The Sun Club's $100,000 donation helped install an innovative array on the living roof made of solar tubes instead of panels. This design allows greater efficiency, allowing the array to capture the suns energy from all angles, including from the bottom as it bounces off the reflective white surface. The array is expected to substantially offset the building's energy use, allowing more funds to go right back into their important conservation and education mission.