AWTY International School

Project Details


Where: Houston, TX

Dedication Date: April 22, 2021

Donation Type: Aquaponics farm, hydroponics farm, solar array

Size: 14.8 kW

Claim to Fame: Carbon-neutral shipping container farms provide food to cafeteria and hands-on education for students

Project Overview

AWTY International School encourages learning and the pursuit of excellence while maximizing the potential in all students as they grow to become responsible world citizens. Part of becoming a responsible world citizen is using the resources that we have responsibly. AWTY has a robust recycling program, composts on-site, collects rainwater from HVAC units, and is working towards becoming a zero-waste school.

A $135,000 donation from Sun Club will support the efforts of the school to raise responsible world citizens by thinking about where food comes from and how it is grown. Two shipping containers will be built at the school, each housing a farm. One will be an aquaponics farm, which utilizes fish to provide a natural fertilizer for plants combined with soilless plant culture. And the second is a hydroponic farm, which utilizes 85% less water than traditional growing methods. These shipping containers will be completely off the grid and carbon-neutral through the installation of a 14.4 kW solar array that will power the lighting, irrigation, and data collection needs of the farms.