Green is our first name

At Green Mountain Energy, our employees help drive our mission to change the way power is made. Thanks to our community, we’re creating positive change for the planet by reducing our impact every day. For us, green means being honest about our actions and taking sustainable steps along with our employees every day. Check out some of the ways we’re walking the walk:

100% Planet-approved products

We open our books each year to a third-party auditor who confirms our customers are getting what we’ve promised, tying 100% of the clean electricity and carbon offsets our customers purchase through the chain of ownership back to the renewable energy or offset project owner. These third-party audits are not mandatory by any governing body or our parent company. As a sustainability-first company, we believe in holding ourselves accountable to ensure we’re headed in the right direction with reducing our carbon footprint. Learn more about our product standards.

Neutral carbon footprint (or pretty darn close)

Green Mountain has taken steps to be as close to carbon neutral as possible. Every year since 1998, we’ve measured our corporate greenhouse gas emissions. We’ve also offset 100% of our estimated corporate carbon footprint since 2005 (not yet including emissions from waste).

Sustainable corporate operations

In the office, we’re not big on printing or mailing. Recycling is a must. And public transportation is highly encouraged. We even removed single-serve paper cups from our break areas and equipped employees with reusable cups.

Planet-first employees

Our sustainability culture is uniquely crafted by all of the hardworking people at Green Mountain. Our employees frequently take part in sustainability sessions and volunteer events, including tree planting with local nonprofit organizations. We also invite our employees to attend Sun Club dedications to celebrate new sustainability projects for local organizations. It’s all about contributing to a much bigger picture—one that impacts the future of our planet and our communities.