Friends of Westchester County Parks Celebrates Trees Pledge Donation from Green Mountain Energy Company with a Planting at Miracle Field


HARTSDALE, NY Friends of Westchester County Parks celebrated the pledge by Green Mountain Energy Company to donate at least 30 new trees to the organization with a ceremonial tree planting next to the Miracle Field in Ridge Road Park, one of the 50 parks that comprise the Westchester County Parks system.


Green Mountain, the nation’s leading competitive provider of cleaner energy, will make a donation to the Friends of Westchester County Parks for every customer who signs up this year for the company’s Pollution Free™ electricity in its service territory of Westchester County. The donations will go towards tree plantings and other projects to promote sustainability in county parks.


“We are grateful to Green Mountain Energy for this significant contribution that will be used to support the sustainability of Westchester’s parks,” said Friends of Westchester County Parks Executive Director Joseph Stout. “As we become more and more aware of the all the benefits our parks provide – recreational, aesthetic and economic – we must encourage support from those who reside here and companies that do business here. This is another excellent example of a public/private partnership that is so vital to the health and vitality of our parks.”


“By choosing pollution-free energy, Green Mountain customers are making a positive difference for the environment. We’re here today to complement their commitment by supporting the quality of life in the community where our customers work and play through our donation to the Friends of Westchester County Parks.  We are quite literally putting down roots in the community we serve!” said Doug Semmes, New York Market Director for Green Mountain Energy Company.


An average suburban household in New York choosing Green Mountain’s Pollution FreeTM electricity for one year can avoid more than 500 pounds (based on 400 kilowatt-hours/month) of CO2 emissions, a greenhouse gas created by traditional electricity sources such as coal and natural gas. That’s as much CO2 as 32 trees can absorb in one year!


“It is especially fitting that we commemorate our partnership with Friends of Westchester County Parks by planting this sycamore tree, one of the best CO2 absorbers among tree species,” added Semmes.


Westchester County has more than 18,000 acres of parkland, six nature centers, six golf courses, four pools, four campgrounds, 200-plus miles of trails and boulevards, the Westchester County Center, an interpretive farm, a themed amusement park, and myriad other recreational amenities and programs. The study concluded that Westchester County’s Nationally Accredited park system is a significant reason to live, work, visit and have a business in the County.


“We thank Green Mountain Energy for recognizing the importance of our parks to those who live and work in Westchester County,” said Friends of Westchester County Parks Board Chairman Elizabeth Bracken-Thompson. “In our current economic climate, it’s especially important that we look for ways to partner with businesses and organizations as we work to support our parks.”


Ridge Road Park

The flat developed terrain of this 236 acre park is ideal for family and group picnicking. It offers reservable picnic areas with three pavilions, a playground and athletic fields – including the Miracle Field for children and adults with disabilities. The undeveloped parts of the site are heavily wooded with trails. Portions of the park have historical significance because they were constructed and financed by the Works Progress Administration (W.P.A.). One charmingly rustic single-story picnic shelter, for example, was built in 1942 by the W.P.A.


Green Mountain Energy Company

Green Mountain, the nation’s leading competitive retail provider of cleaner energy and carbon offset solutions, was founded in 1997 with the mission to “change the way power is made.” The company is the longest serving green power marketer in the U.S. and believes in using wind, sun and water for good.   Green Mountain offers consumers and businesses the choice of cleaner electricity products from renewable sources, as well as a variety of carbon offset products and sustainable solutions for businesses. One of Green Mountain’s largest customers is the “world’s most famous office building,” the Empire State Building in New York City. Green Mountain customers have collectively helped avoid over 19.4 billion pounds of CO2 emissions. Visit us online at and learn more about our campaign for good at