The Retail Energy Supply Association Elects 2012 Officers and State Chairs

Harrisburg, PA (Dec. 8, 2011) – The Retail Energy Supply Association (RESA), a trade association devoted to promoting vibrant and sustainable competitive energy markets and comprised of the nation’s leading retail energy suppliers, announced the election of its 2012 officers and state chairs. These newly elected officers were confirmed during RESA’s December quarterly meeting, and will form the executive committee. This committee, along with the state chairs, will be responsible for leading RESA as it addresses energy policies and regulations in the rapidly expanding competitive retail electric and natural gas markets throughout the United States.


RESA’s new officers effective January 1, 2012 are:


●          President                        –       David Fein (Constellation Energy, Inc.)

●          First Vice President Richard Hudson (ConEdison Solutions, Inc.)

●          Second Vice President   –       Melissa Lauderdale (Integrys Energy Services, Inc.)

●          Secretary                        –       Stephen Bennett (Exelon Energy Company)

●          Treasurer                        –       Roy Boston (Noble Americas Energy Solutions LLC)

●          Past President                –       Jay Kooper (Hess Corporation)


“It is a great honor to continue to lead this dynamic organization with members dedicated to fulfilling our guiding principles and serving residential, commercial, industrial and governmental gas and electric customers across the country,” said President David Fein, who is Constellation Energy’s vice president of energy policy in the Midwest and Pennsylvania and the director of retail energy policy.


“As president, I will continue to work with the membership to preserve and enhance the competitive energy opportunities available to consumers in restructured markets. A competitive market is the optimal energy market structure as it puts downward pressure on prices, fosters innovation, creates jobs, and meets the diverse needs of consumers. I look forward to working with my RESA colleagues, other industry stakeholders, and state and federal regulators to further our mission of fostering vibrant and sustainable competitive energy markets.”


RESA members responsible for leading state and federal advocacy efforts as the 2012 Electric Caucus chairs are:


●          California                         –     Tim LoCascio (Liberty Power)

●          Federal                                         –     Melissa Lauderdale (Integrys Energy Services, Inc.)

●          Illinois                              –     Roy Boston (Noble Americas Energy Solutions LLC)

●          Maryland/DC/Delaware   –     Bob Barkanic (PPL EnergyPlus, LLC)

●          New England                   –     Dan Allegretti (Constellation Energy, Inc.)

●          New Jersey                       –     Jay Kooper (Hess Corporation)

●          New York                        –     John Holtz (Green Mountain Energy Company)

●          Ohio                                 –     David Fein (Constellation Energy, Inc.)

●          Pennsylvania                    –     Richard Hudson (ConEdison Solutions, Inc.)


RESA members responsible for leading state and federal advocacy as the 2012 Gas Caucus State chairs are:


●          Illinois                                     –          Melissa Lauderdale (Integrys Energy Services, Inc.)

●          Kentucky                                –          Lisa Simpkins (Constellation Energy, Inc.)

●          Michigan                                 –          Lisa Simpkins (Constellation Energy, Inc.)

●          New York                               –          Angela Schorr (Direct Energy Services, LLC)

●          Ohio                                        –          Teresa Ringenbach (Direct Energy Services, LLC)

●          Pennsylvania                           –          David Cetola (Hess Corporation)



“Over the last year, RESA was involved in every major energy policy debate throughout the RESA footprint, including key measures in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Illinois, California, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Delaware, New Jersey, New York, and New England,” said Fein. “In addition, RESA developed a consumer education brochure designed to help educate consumers about electric competition.  I look forward to continuing to lead the organization into 2012 as we continue to promote and defend well-functioning competitive market policies and issues in these States, as well as engage in the ongoing debates about customer choice and competition in Arizona and Michigan.”


About RESA

RESA’s members include: Champion Energy Services, LLC; ConEdison Solutions; Constellation Energy; Direct Energy Services, LLC; Energetix, Inc.; Energy Plus, Holdings, LLC, Exelon Energy Company; GDF SUEZ Energy Resources NA, Inc.; Green Mountain Energy Company; Hess Corporation; Integrys Energy Services, Inc.; Just Energy; Liberty Power; MC Squared Energy Services, LLC; Mint Energy, LLC; MXenergy; NextEra Energy Services; Noble Americas Energy Solutions LLC; PPL EnergyPlus, LLC; Reliant and TriEagle Energy, L.P.  The comments expressed in this release represent the position of RESA as an oranization but may not represent the vies of any particular member of RESA.  For more information, contact RESA Executive Director Tracy McCormick at (717) 566-5405 or go to