Cyndy Reynolds

Director of Commercial Sales, Green Mountain Energy

Striving to live responsibly and sustainably in all facets of her life allows Cyndy to walk the talk when it comes to helping commercial consumers achieve their economic and environmental goals. She heads the national mid-market sales team for Green Mountain Energy, which is made up of business-to-business direct and indirect sales teams. Cyndy also oversees the Sustainable Business Partnership initiative, which was created to help businesses with sustainability goals prove the value that's received when going above and beyond the renewable electricity purchase. This partnership gives sustainable businesses cross-promotional opportunities, along with introductions to the latest sustainable and energy-efficiency technologies.

Cyndy's more than nine years in the energy industry, coupled with five years of experience in the renewable energy markets, has helped her to be an effective sales leader for Green Mountain. She helped create and launch Gateway, a broker portal that handles pricing and contracting for third-party partners. She expanded broker relations to grow the Houston and south Texas area territories and restructured the direct sales team, bringing it in house to maximize efficiencies and to utilize best-practice selling strategies. Cyndy has been recognized as a top sales agent and was the first recipient of the Texas Retail President's Award, recognizing and honoring employee efforts beyond the scope of their role.

Cyndy is a workout enthusiast and completed a half marathon in the vineyards from Napa to Sonoma, California. She's a scuba diver who loves all things Cajun, the University of Texas Longhorns and her family, which includes her hubby, their four-year-old son, their dog and four fish. Sustainable living is a normal aspect of Cyndy's life because she believes in what the company can achieve. She makes it a point to take Uber when she can, gets her electricity from a Green Mountain 100% pollution free plan, offsets her vehicle's CO2 emissions during her office commute by being a Green Mountain Driver, recycles at home and on her boat, and never lets used clothing get thrown away (She's part of a mom's clothes swap group with an emphasis on reuse). Cyndy is a board member of the Sun Club and volunteers for Meals on Wheels America. She earned her master's degree in business administration from University of Dallas and her bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of Texas at Dallas.