Oregon Products


In Oregon, Green Mountain promotes renewable energy options for utility customers of Portland General Electric (PGE). Customers can also choose to add on a product that helps support improvements for native fish habitats. There are many ways to help protect the Pacific Northwest!

Product Options:
Green SourceSM

When you choose the Green Source product, all of the energy you pay for comes from 100% new renewable sources. This significantly reduces your household’s share of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions.

How It Works: 100% of your monthly usage is offset with renewable power from new renewable resources.*

Cost: Your regular PGE energy rate plus an additional $0.008 per kWh. About $6 more for a typical PGE residential customer.**

Clean WindSM

With Clean Wind, you buy small units of wind energy. The new wind comes from wind farms in Oregon and other nearby states. It couldn’t be easier to support renewable energy!

How It Works: You choose to purchase 200 kWh units, each of which represents about 25 percent of your monthly usage.** You can purchase as many units as you wish.

Cost: Your regular PGE energy rate plus an extra $2.50 per 200 kWh unit of wind energy.

Habitat SupportSM

In addition to purchasing a renewable energy product, customers can also choose Habitat Support, which helps support the restoration of local stream habitat for salmon and other fish. With Habitat Support, a $2.50 monthly donation is made to The Nature Conservancy and can be added to either the Green Source or Clean Wind options above.

For more information or to sign up for a renewable energy option, visit PGE’s website at www.PortlandGeneral.com.

* “New” refers to facilities that became operational after July 1999.
** Based on a PGE renewable customer using 790 kWh per month. Your cost may vary.

1 Electricity from a specific generation facility will not be delivered directly to your house, but your electricity consumption will be matched annually in the northwest power grid by electricity from renewable resources. Visit PGE’s Green Source page for details.