Eco-friendly Travel Tips

Become an eco-warrior - even when you're on the go.

Transportation is the second biggest contributor of greenhouse gases after electricity generation in the United States. Make sure you’re treading lightly by reducing the impact of your transportation.

Fun Facts

Use public transit or carpool.

Fewer cars on the road mean less carbon emissions, cleaner air and a reduced dependence on oil. Taking the bus or train or sharing a ride with a friend just once or twice a week can make a big difference.

Upgrade your ride.

Consider an electric vehicle. EV drivers decrease their carbon footprint by commuting with zero emissions and can have an even greater environmental impact by charging with 100% clean energy. And if you’re still driving with traditional fuel sources, consider purchasing carbon offsets to offset your commute.

Maintain your vehicle.

Improve your car’s fuel efficiency by keeping your tires at the right pressure level and getting regularly scheduled maintenance like inspections and oil changes.

Fly less.

Airplanes create more pollution than automobiles typically do. Before you book that flight, ask yourself if a videoconference or virtual meeting will suffice. If you do have to fly, choose nonstop flights whenever possible and pack light to help reduce CO2 emissions.

Be an eco-savvy hotel guest.

When staying in a hotel, energy conservation still matters. Pretend you’re at home and turn off the lights, television and A/C whenever you leave the room for an extended period of time.

Walk or bike.

If you’re going a relatively short distance, make it a zero-carbon trip by walking or riding your bike. Added benefit: You’ll burn a few calories along the way.

Make your lifestyle even more eco-friendly by using clean energy.

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