Ready, Set, Relax

Relax. Your thermostat is under control.

Conserving energy when you need it most is easier than ever when you sign up for the Ready, Set, Relax program. During periods of high electricity usage or extreme temperatures, your smart thermostat will automatically adjust to help conserve energy. If a Ready, Set, Relax event occurs, you won’t have to worry about missing an alert or not being home. Your smart thermostat will receive a notification and adjust to the recommended temperature.

Signup benefits:

  • A one-time $50 bill credit if you sign up through September 30, or a one-time $25 bill credit if you sign up after.3
  • A $5 donation made on your behalf to Sun Club® to further your support of sustainability.4
  • The opportunity to help your neighbors and the Texas electricity grid when it’s needed the most.
  • The chance to reduce the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere.

How it works:

Your smart thermostat will notify you about a Ready, Set, Relax event and automatically adjust a maximum of 4 degrees to help you save energy. You can always change the temperature at any time.

Be sure to have your account number readily available when signing up.

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Google Nest

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When the time comes to conserve, be prepared with Ready, Set, Relax.

Ready, Set, Relax is a part of a trio of solutions in our Ready, Set, Green program. With Ready, Set, Relax, a participating smart thermostat will automatically adjust the temperature on the thermostat in your home by a few degrees to help reduce demand on the grid during periods of high-electricity use or extreme temperatures, often referred to as a Ready, Set, Relax event.

During periods of high-electricity demand or extreme temperatures, your smart thermostat automatically adjusts by a few degrees to decrease your A/C run time and conserve energy. Making this small adjustment benefits the environment, your local community and your electricity bill as well. Plus, you won’t have to worry about missing an alert or not being home when called upon. When the time comes to conserve, you won’t be caught off guard. Your smart thermostat will send you a notification and automatically adjust to the right temperature without you having to do a thing. All you have to do is enroll. Ready, Set, Relax events can last up to 4 hours, but you’re always in control. You can adjust the temperature on your thermostat at any time.

You must have an eligible smart thermostat from Google Nest, Honeywell Home or Sensi, along with Wi-Fi and an active account with your smart thermostat’s app. Just connect an eligible smart thermostat to Wi-Fi and sign up for Ready, Set, Relax. Once you’re all signed up, your smart thermostat and app will notify you when a Ready, Set, Relax event will start.


Eligible smart thermostats include:


Google Nest

  • Nest Learning Thermostat (all generations)
  • Nest Thermostat
  • Nest Thermostat E


  • VisionPRO 8000 with RedLINK Gateway
  • VisionPro 8000 Smart
  • 9000 Smart
  • Prestige IAQ
  • Wi-Fi FocusPRO 6000
  • Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable
  • Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Touchscreen
  • Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat
  • Wi-Fi 9000
  • T9 Pro Smart Thermostat
  • T10 Pro Smart Thermostat
  • T5+ Pro Smart Thermostat
  • T6 Pro Smart Thermostat
  • Round Smart Thermostat

You must set up your thermostat using the free Honeywell Total Connect Comfort app in order to register your device in the Ready, Set, Relax program.



  • Sensi Smart Thermostat
  • Sensi Touch Smart Thermostat

You can even enroll more than one thermostat.

When an event is in progress, depending on the type of thermostat you have, more than likely, a notification will appear on your thermostat and from its app. Your smart thermostat will then adjust by no more than 4°. Once the event is over, your thermostat will return to its regular schedule. With Ready, Set, Relax, you never have to feel locked in. You can override these automatic adjustments at any time.


When an event is in progress, a notification will appear on your thermostat — depending on the type of thermostat you have —  or on your thermostat’s mobile app.


Here’s what you can expect to see from each brand:


  • Google Nest: A gold gear will appear on the display of your Google Nest thermostat and your Nest app to let you know that an energy event is happening.
  • Honeywell: An Energy Savings Event notification will appear in the Total Connect Comfort app.
  • Sensi: On the Sensi thermostat, if you’re currently in an event, you’ll see “Active Savings Event” on thermostat display, along with the time that event will end. The same information is available in the Sensi app.

Yes. Whenever there’s a need to conserve energy to help the grid, we may need to call a Ready, Set, Relax event, which will help conserve energy between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m. During this time, you’ll receive a notification, alerting you that your thermostat will adjust by 4° for up to four hours. Once the event is over, your thermostat will return to its normal schedule. If you’re unable to participate in the event, you can opt out by manually readjusting your thermostat.


A Ready, Set, Relax event can include a precooling period in the summer or a preheating period in the winter so that your home remains comfortable when the event takes place. Multiple events may occur in one day, but again, you have the ability to opt out.


During extreme weather events when there’s a critical need to stabilize the electric grid, we may call a critical Ready, Set, Relax event, which can occur at any time of the day. Critical and regular events will only occur during times of extreme temperatures to conserve energy, and you can always opt out if you need to.

No. During a Ready, Set, Relax event your thermostat adjusts temperatures to save electricity while keeping you comfortable. But you can choose to change the temperature and opt out of that particular event at any time. Opting out is simple. Just override the modified temperature by changing it directly on your smart thermostat or in its app. Your thermostat will keep the temperature you set, then return to its regular schedule.

Yes. When you enroll in the Ready, Set, Relax program, you'll receive a one-time $50 bill credit if you sign up through September 30, 2024 or a one-time $25 bill credit if you sign up after, along with a $5 donation made to the Green Mountain Energy Sun Club on your behalf.

The bill credit will appear on your Green Mountain Energy account within two billing cycles of enrolling in the program.

No, your participation does not affect your current Green Mountain Energy electricity plan.

Yes. You may cancel your enrollment by calling Green Mountain Energy at 1-866-785-4668.

1Ready, Set, Relax program is not available to customers enrolled in the Green Mountain Prepaid plan. Must be enrolled in Ready, Set, Relax program and have an eligible smart thermostat connected to Wi-Fi. Program terms and conditions apply.

2Eligible Google Nest thermostats include: Nest Learning Thermostat (all generations), Nest Thermostat and Nest Thermostat E. Eligible Emerson thermostats include: Sensi™Wi-Fi Programmable Thermostat and Sensi Touch Wi-Fi Thermostat. Eligible Honeywell Home thermostats include: VisionPRO 8000 with RedLINK Gateway, VisionPRO 8000 Smart, 9000 Smart, Prestige IAQ, Wi-Fi FocusPRO 6000, Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable, Wi-Fi 7-Day Programmable Touchscreen, Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat and Wi-Fi 9000.

3This is a limited-time offer from Green Mountain Energy. Green Mountain Energy electricity customers who enroll in Ready, Set, Relax will receive a one-time $50 bill credit (or one-time $25 bill credit if enrolled after September 30, 2024), which will be applied to the Green Mountain electricity account enrolled within two billing cycles. Not redeemable for cash; Green Mountain electricity account must be active at time of credit award to receive credit.

4Sun Club® is a Green Mountain Energy program that funds local nonprofits with sustainability grants. Donations made to Sun Club are solely used to further a purpose or service related to the core purpose of the organization. Donations may not be transferred, sold, given or assigned to any other nonprofit organization or other entity.

Green Mountain Energy is not affiliated with Google, Honeywell Home or Sensi or the products and services they market. Google Nest is a trademark of Google LLC.© 2024 Resideo Technologies, Inc. This product is manufactured by Resideo and its affiliates. The Honeywell Home trademark is used under license from Honeywell International, Inc. The Copeland and Sensi logos are service marks and trademarks of Copeland LP and Copeland Comfort Control LP.

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