Renewal Notifications

Here’s what you should know about these notices.

Toward the end of your term plan contract, you’ll receive three notices letting you know when your contract will expire. Your third and final notice will include details of the month-to-month plan you’ll be placed on if no action is taken before your current contract ends.

Please find more specifics below about your renewal notices.

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Why am I getting this notice?

Can I opt out of these notices?

Can I customize how I receive the notices?

What do these notices mean?

When do I need to take action?

Will I still receive these notices if I recently renewed?

Will I get these notices if I change addresses?

Will I receive these notices if I have multiple properties with Green Mountain Energy?

Your contract is ending. What’s next?

Find answers to your cancellation questions below.

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Does my current plan still have a cancellation fee?

Can I end my Green Mountain contract without paying a fee prior to receiving my final contract expiration notice?

Will I get these notices if I cancel my service?

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