Who do I call for customer service?

You'll remain a PGE customer and your service will be just as reliable as it is today. When you choose cleaner electricity, you will still get the same reliable service you have now. Your local utility will continue to read your meter, provide billing, respond to power outages, and provide other services related to the delivery of your electricity. You can find contact information for your local utility here.

Which types of products are available in Oregon?

In partnership with Portland General Electric (PGE), we offer multiple clean energy products. To learn more about these options, please view Oregon Products & Rates.

How will I be helping the environment by buying these products?

Your purchase of a renewable product from PGE contributes to the development of new renewable generation sources in the Pacific Northwest. Your purchase also helps reduce air pollution. In fact, an average Oregon household using 910 kWh per month on PGE's Green Source™ plan for a year offsets CO2 emissions by about 13,000 pounds.

How much does it cost?

For specific information on prices and services in your area, view Oregon Products & Rates.

How do I switch over my service?

Signing up is easy and usually takes less than 10 minutes. We'll need your utility account number, so please have your bill handy. Sign up via our secure and easy online sign up form or call 503-228-6322 (1-800-542-8818 outside the Portland area).