Our Top 10 Sustainable Stocking Stuffer Ideas

While we love any excuse to celebrate, we’re looking to toast this holiday season with a little more thought to the ways we celebrate with gifts that can be used year ‘round and don’t contribute to a growing pollution problem.

So in the spirit of keeping the season both cleaner for our planet and greener for our future, here are our top 10 sustainable stocking stuffer ideas for the eco-conscious folks in your life!


Reusable cutlery

Easy to pack for on-the-go adventures, our cutlery kit contains the essentials, like a reusable straw alongside a fork, spoon, and knife (we recommend the Primus Campfire Cutlery set!). These eliminate the need for single-use plastic, which has been found to pollute waterways the world over. One reusable straw or piece of cutlery has a long lifespan, making these the perfect gift for anyone looking to reduce their overall waste output.

Sustainable phone case

Eco-friendly, compostable, and ultra-stylish, the Pela phone case helps keep our oceans plastic free and our phones intact. We love that Pela tracks the impact of purchasing their cases over a traditional plastic one and gives back 5% of total sales to collections dedicated to environmental causes.

Bamboo toothbrush

Brush with Bamboo is the world’s first and only entirely plant-based toothbrush. While the bristles are best removed after use, the total waste associated with this brush’s disposal is only .1 ounce since the handle can be reused or composted.

Cozy and post-consumer recycled blanket

Who knew that a throw blanket could also be a way to reduce plastic waste? With Rumpl, their blankets feature materials that are 100% post-consumer recycled, making them incredibly durable while reducing the need for the use of virgin plastic resources.

Zero waste razor

Don’t be afraid of getting old-school with your shaving routine! A metal razor with blade set, like the Leaf or Merkur, eliminates the need for single-use plastic razors and in some cities, blades can even be recycled with other metals. Check your local recycling specifications to confirm.

Upcycled socks

Cozy, comfortable, and better for the planet — all in one pair of socks! Osom Brand socks reduce textile waste by creating new pairs of socks from existing discarded clothing. Snuggle up with a new pair in your stocking this season.

Beeswax food wrap

This kitchen tool is used in place of Saran wrap and can be reused over and over again for food storage. And, for the crafty folks out there, it’s fairly simple to DIY as long as you have some flexible fabric and beeswax pellets to work with.

Blocked dish soap

Think differently about your dishes with a block of dish soap. Trade the plastic-packaged concentrate for a block that’s easy on your hands, tough on grease, and safe for the planet. Some of our favorite options include the legendary Savon de Marseilles from France, whose 300 gram block costs $8 and lasts for months.

Ethical cashmere

With Naadam, we’ve found a company who sees cashmere not just as a material but as a means of improving clothing production. Their manufacturing process is fueled by clean energy and offers entrepreneurial resources, like investment in breeding and veterinary care, to their herding vendors.

Carbon offsets

Our commutes, travel, and lifestyle choices can have a pretty heavy carbon footprint — but you can offset that negative impact. Carbon offsets work to neutralize the effects of carbon-intensive activities by directing money toward sustainable projects that avoid or reduce CO2. Just print out (on recycled paper, of course!) your certificate of completion as a nice way to show your loved one your carbon-neutral gift. Pretty neat, huh?

You can bring a sustainable perspective to the holiday season with our favorite green gifts — but there are always other ways to get involved and have an even bigger impact. This season, go cleaner and greener by choosing 100% renewable energy with Green Mountain. Together, we can change the way power is made.

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