Make Your Holidays Clean and Green

You bring the jolly, and we’ll handle the green—together, we’ll make the holidays merry and clean. Whether you’re traveling, cooking or decking the halls, stay on Santa’s nice list by being good to the planet.

Use our holiday eco-tips to keep your footprint clean as you make special memories enjoying the festive scene. You might get lucky enough to hear on that one special night, “Happy Christmas to all, and to all a green night.”


Reusing and recycling

  1. Keep your holiday tree out of landfills. It can make an impact in its second life as organic, biodegradable waste. Find a tree recycling program in your area.
  2. Paper grocery bags, turned inside out, make great wrapping paper. Decorate with stamps or doodles for a personalized touch. And reuse your wrapping paper for arts and crafts, scratch paper, shelf lining or padding for shipping packages.
  3. Let someone else take a turn with clothing or household items that you’re not using. Donate unused belongings during the giving season.
  4. Don’t buy new décor year after year. Reusing the same decorations helps create memories and traditions.


  1. Halloween has disappeared and so should vampire power when you’re away. Be sure to unplug household devices when heading out of town.
  2. Pack light for flights to help reduce the amount of fuel needed for the plane (and always choose nonstop trips). Better yet, avoid flying and opt for your car. Just remember to keep your tires filled at the right pressure so you can be as fuel-efficient as possible.
  3. Remember to stay resource conscious at hotels and B&Bs. You can save water and energy no matter where you’ll be.
  4. If you have a house full of guests, turn down the thermostat a few degrees since more people means more heat.
  5. Headed to the same soiree? Carpool with friends or family that live close by.

Cooking a feast

  1. Make a list and check your pantry when deciding your holiday spread. It’ll help limit food waste.
  2. Consider recipes that call for the same base ingredients so nothing goes to waste.
  3. Bake several dishes at once to save energy.
  4. Shop locally and purchase organics for produce. In fact, consider joining a CSA farm near you.
  5. Give composting a try. Leftover potato skins, eggshells and cranberry sauce boost the nutrients in your soil.
  6. Send leftovers home with partygoers so everyone has seconds for lunch the next day.

Decking the halls

  1. Make your lights bright with LEDs. They use less energy and last longer.
  2. Put timers to good use so you aren’t leaving outdoor lights and decorations on throughout the night.
  3. Limit waste by saying no to paper napkins and plates. Plus, you know you want to show off your good china.
  4. Be energy-efficient and go with minimal lighting. Candles are a great substitution and create a warm and relaxing glow.
  5. Stuff stockings with sustainable goodies. You’ll keep trinkets out of landfills and have more scraps for your compost pile.
Making an impact (no matter the season)

Whatever season is coming or going, you can have a positive impact on the planet. Powering your home with 100% clean energy makes a difference. Our pollution-free electricity plans—powered by wind and solar energy—give the planet the gift of clean every day of the year.

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