Sun Club Donations: Reaching the $10 Million Mark

Sun Club provides grants to nonprofits to help them become more sustainable. By implementing greener measures, these nonprofits reduce their impact on the planet while often getting the added benefit of a reduction in operating costs. Through its hard work in the community, Sun Club reached a major milestone – having donated its 10 millionth dollar in sustainability grants since it started in 2002.

These grants helped more than 122 nonprofit organizations connect with the planet through projects focused on renewable energy, energy efficiency, and resource and environmental conservation. In addition to providing the project grants, Sun Club has a network of sustainability experts to help implement these projects.

Without our donor-driven support, this milestone would not have been possible. Our supporters, including Green Mountain Energy customers, are vital to the mission of the Sun Club. We thank our customers for their unwavering commitment to the planet that continues to make these Sun Club grants possible.

Since Sun Club started, the grants have helped prevent 86 billion pounds of CO₂ emissions. That’s like 105 million households turning off their lights for an entire year. If you know a nonprofit that wants to bring sustainability into their organization, encourage them to apply today. You can also learn more about Sun Club or donate today at

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