Marching on to 100

The Sun Club is marching to 100. Later this month, it will hit a major milestone: the 100th grant recipient. And it’s going to be the biggest donation to date!

Since 2002, the Sun Club has been investing in nonprofit organizations to advance sustainability for people and for the planet. It leads the way in shrinking carbon footprints in communities across Texas and in the Northeast.

By donating over $6.5 million in sustainability grants, the Sun Club has helped prevent more than 2.6 million pounds of CO2. That’s like NOT driving more than 3.2 million miles!

Past grant recipients are STILL making a difference for the planet, thanks to their eco-partnerships with the Sun Club.

Sun Club Project #1: The Winston School

marching-on-to-100-2.png  The Winston School received the Sun Club’s inaugural donation, and at that time, was the largest solar facility in Dallas. The 58-kWh solar array is still generating pollution-free electricity for the school and doubling as a learning instrument for the classrooms.

“The donation has been a great help to the school in regards to expenses, especially utility ones. We’re able to redistribute those savings into our financial aid budget,” said Mario Porro, business manager for The Winston School.

Sun Club Project #34: GrowNYC


GrowNYC received the first solar array to be placed on top of a van! Using power from the sun, instead of a butane-powered generator, allows the farmer’s market to save money, help the planet and educate its visitors about the power of clean energy.

“The power system is an integral part of our operations, charging equipment, running lights, powering applications and so much more,” said TK Zellers, general manager for GrowNYC. “Staff, customers and farmers all see the solar energy in action, which makes a powerful statement.”

Sun Club Project #71: PHS Meadowbrook Farm 


PHS Meadowbrook Farm added solar panels to power a greenhouse where most of the plants for the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society are grown. Solar energy helps the gardens significantly save on electricity costs, while warming the plants during the cold winter months.

“This investment helped us live our mission by allowing us to adopt a more sustainable energy source,” said Matt Rader, president of PHS. “And we use our energy cost savings to invest in more fabulous horticulture for events and landscapes across Philadelphia.”

Sun Club Project #92: Evelyn’s Park Conservancy 


Evelyn’s Park Conservancy is a Houston-area green space on track to achieve net zero energy status and become one of the most sustainable parks in the nation. Through the use of solar power, rainwater capture, recycling efforts and composting capabilities, the park is promoting conservation efforts in its local community.

“We took sustainability to new heights, thanks to the Sun Club,” said Patricia King-Ritter, board president of Evelyn’s Park Conservancy. “It’s really our flagship—educating our visitors on why nature is important and what we can do to sustain it.”


For 16 years, the Sun Club has been at the forefront of sustainability—empowering local communities with sustainability solutions and making the planet shine bright.

Reaching the 100th grant recipient is a major milestone! The Sun Club’s milestone 100th recipient is the City of Arlington. Join in the excitement surrounding the biggest sustainability project in Sun Club’s history.

Learn more about how the Sun Club is advancing sustainable communities. And to be part of making a difference for our plant, consider donating today.

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