Giving Back to the Planet is What the Sun Club Does Best

The Green Mountain Energy Sun Club’s mission is to invest in nonprofits to advance sustainability for people and the planet. Its goal is to see all communities achieve long-term sustainability with the quality of life and the environmental resources necessary to thrive.

Green Mountain Energy’s customers are vital to supporting this mission. Without their giving spirit and their commitment to the planet, many of these sustainability platforms wouldn’t be possible. Our customers’ support creates a brighter future for many local communities. We thank our customers and donors for all that they do.

To date, the Sun Club has donated more than $6.5 million in sustainability grants to nonprofits in Texas communities and markets in the Northeast. These grants helped nearly 100 nonprofit organizations connect people to the planet using sustainability solutions.


In addition to funding, Sun Club provides experience and access to a network of experts in support of projects that focus on various aspects of sustainability, including: renewable energy, energy efficiency, resource conservation, agriculture, transportation and education.

To see the impact Sun Club has made, visit the recipients page, and for general information or to apply for a sustainability grant for your nonprofit, visit

Keep sustainability projects moving forward and shining bright, by donating to the Sun Club via your monthly bill (log in to My Account) or by making a one-time donation.

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