Suns Out, Drums out with the Solar to Sound Experience

Take the highway to helio-powered entertainment with the Solar to Sound Experience, a traveling, solar-powered stage presented by Green Mountain and ZeroFossil, a Pittsburgh-based company dedicated to the development and implementation of sustainable practices.

The stage is a Green Mountain Energy SolarSPARC project that redefines what it means to rock out to AC/DC. Using thirty 100-watt panels and dual inverters, the project converts direct current from the sun into alternating current, producing high-energy sound for high-voltage performances. The solar panels – in combination with the latest in lithium battery technology – power a main sound system, instruments, and LED lighting.

A similar-sized stage using traditional generators would burn at least two gallons of fossil fuels an hour, producing approximately 40 pounds of CO2 each hour. During its launch at the March for Science Pittsburgh, the Solar to Sound Experience avoided more than 200 pounds of CO2.

The project’s approach to green features goes beyond the flick of a switch. Designed and manufactured with ultra-lightweight materials, the stage weighs a total of 2,500 pounds, contributing to the system’s overall goal of emission control by making it easily transportable by ZeroFossil’s vehicles, which are either all electric or powered by used vegetable oil. Additionally, only two small bags of waste were produced during the entirety of the project’s fabrication, with all other materials being recycled or repurposed.


The Solar to Sound Experience is currently touring the Northeast. Upcoming dates for this rock ‘n’ roll train are expected to be announced soon in Philadelphia and New York.

For those about to rock, we salute your support of sustainable solutions.

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