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The Green Mountain Energy blog is your path to explore the world of clean energy and learn ways to live more sustainably after you go green. Our blog offers updates on green living, solar energy, sustainable businesses and community news, as well as Green Mountain business news and Sun Club.

Find the Green Job of Your Dreams

With more companies creating positions that deal with renewable energy, sustainability, and environmental responsibility, the odds of you finding your dream job in emerging green fields are getting better.

Ramp Up Your Office Recycling Program

Recycling can greatly decrease the amount of waste your office sends to the landfill. If your office does not have a recycling program, here’s some inspiration on how to implement one.

The Secret of Sharing

The next time you’re thinking about buying something you may only use sparingly, think again. Widespread sharing can lead to less junk going to landfills, while increasing demand for higher quality products that can withstand more use over their lifetime.

Wind Farms and Wildlife

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions when it comes to a wind farm’s impact on wildlife. We dispel some of them here.

ACL Music Festival Fans Do Their Part to Go Green

ACL’s commitment to protecting the environment is incorporated into all aspects of planning the festival, including working with Green Mountain Energy Company to offset the carbon dioxide emissions created by the event.

Why Electric Vehicles Matter to Us

What’s the only thing better than an EV? An EV powered by 100% renewable electricity. Here Green Mountain Energy Company explains the relationship between powering your home with pollution-free electricity and driving an electric vehicle.

Our love letter to the planet.

The goal of Green Mountain’s blog is to advance our mission by being open and honest about sustainability. By providing a space to talk about clean energy and its importance, we aim to elevate environmental awareness and encourage action for our planet. We love supporting our customers’ steps toward sustainable living and believe that they, too, can show others how to go green and grow their impact. For us, it’s all about igniting positive change so that we all can choose a cleaner planet.

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