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The Green Mountain Energy blog is your path to explore the world of clean energy and learn ways to live more sustainably after you go green. Our blog offers updates on green living, solar energy, sustainable businesses and community news, as well as Green Mountain business news and Sun Club.

Earn money for making energy efficiency upgrades to your home

Did you know that Americans spend an average of $2,200 a year to power our homes? Many of us want to do the right thing to save money and protect the environment by using energy more efficiently, but the upfront cost to upgrade to more efficient equipment or make our homes more airtight can be daunting. Here’s a list of some of the energy efficiency programs available in service areas where we offer cleaner electricity products that can offer financial incentives for home upgrades.

What’s Even Easier than Recycling?

If just 50% of Green Mountain residential customers switched to electronic bills and payments for all of their bills, collectively we could keep 1.0 million pounds of paper out of the landfill and avoid 5.2 million pounds of CO2 emissions each year. Plus, going paperless is so much easier than trying to manage paper bills and payments each month! Find out how…

Lollapalooza 2012 Rocks a Smaller Carbon Footprint

One way Lollalapalooza Music Festival is leading the way in sustainable festival planning is by working with Green Mountain Energy Company to track and offset Lollapalooza’s carbon footprint, along with offering event goers an easy way to offset their own emissions.

Texas Customers Requested to Conserve Energy This Week

Due to extremely high temperatures across Texas, we at Green Mountain Energy are asking our customers to help conserve energy for the remainder of this week. The Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) reminds customers to use power wisely – while there is sufficient generation to serve today’s electric use, new peaks were reached in July for load on the grid and temperatures continue to rise.

Join the Green Mountain Energy Sun Club and Help Worthy Non-Profits

Green Mountain customers who join the Sun Club are making an even greater difference by playing a direct role in building solar energy systems on the buildings and grounds of great non-profits. Learn about how you can join the Sun Club and help support solar development in your community.

Energy Efficiency Saves You Money!

How would you like to save an extra $275 this year? Saving is simple if you make just a few changes in your household to be more energy efficient…

Ozone Action Days and What You Can Do to Help

We’re all familiar with the term “ozone action day,” “ozone warning day,” or “ozone watch day” and typically associate these designations with a hot summer day. But what do they really mean? Below we explain the significance of ozone pollution and what you can do to make a difference.

Celebrate Your Eco-Independence

Independence Day is just around the corner, which means it’s time to celebrate your eco-independence as well! Here are a few summer eco-tips to help you incorporate green into your celebration of the red, white and blue.

Our love letter to the planet.

The goal of Green Mountain’s blog is to advance our mission by being open and honest about sustainability. By providing a space to talk about clean energy and its importance, we aim to elevate environmental awareness and encourage action for our planet. We love supporting our customers’ steps toward sustainable living and believe that they, too, can show others how to go green and grow their impact. For us, it’s all about igniting positive change so that we all can choose a cleaner planet.

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