How Your Purchases Can Help People and the Planet

Often, what seems like a nonevent in our lives can actually have a huge impact thousands of miles away. Take shopping, for example. Many everyday items we purchase were grown or made by people in countries without the employment and environmental standards that the United States has in place. Luckily, the fair trade movement is working to ensure our purchases help — not harm.

What is fair trade?

The global “fair trade” movement is built on supporting responsible companies, empowering farmers, workers and fishermen, and protecting the environment. That’s something we can all get on board with, right?

How does a product become Fair Trade CertifiedTM?

A Fair Trade CertifiedTM seal placed on a product’s packaging certifies that it meets rigorous social, economic and environmental standards. The Fair Trade USA team works closely with producers to ensure environmental responsibility, safe working conditions and fair payment for workers, and more.

Why purchase Fair Trade CertifiedTM items?

Buying these goods means you’re helping farmers and other producers lift themselves out of poverty, strengthen their communities and develop business skills to compete in a global market — while also protecting our planet.

What impact has the movement made?

Since 1998, Fair Trade CertifiedTM purchases have improved millions of lives, helped protect land and waterways in 45 countries, and sent more than $740 million to farmers and workers around the world. And to think, it’s all because we’re making more responsible purchases that benefit the greater good.

How do I shop for Fair Trade CertifiedTM items?

It’s pretty simple! Just look for the Fair Trade CertifiedTM seal, and you’ll know you’re purchasing responsibly. To find fair trade coffee, fair trade chocolate, fair trade clothing, fair trade makeup and more, check out these Fair Trade CertifiedTM products and shopping guides.


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