A Bird’s-Eye View: 10 Ways You Can Help All Birds

We’ve got our sights set high on the precious flying creatures that play a major role in our ecosystem and environment, help with cross-pollination, protect our drinking water and are just downright fun to watch — you’ve guessed it — birds.

It’s been estimated that more than 1,200 bird species will be extinct over the next century. But we can make a difference by helping protect birds, especially migratory ones, that are experiencing a rapid decline due to the impact of climate change, loss of habitat, pollution and hunting.

The primary reason that migratory birds move around so much is to improve their chances of survival— searching for warmer ground to find food and for nesting. Sadly, with each trip they take, their chance of survival decreases. But there are things you can do to help protect all birds and keep them safe when they stop and make your home a resting or nesting spot.


Birds contribute to our environment through pollination, pest control, seed dispersal and recycling nutrients back into the earth. So, when we help birds, it’s like helping ourselves. By simply prepping your yard for local and migratory birds, you’ll be making a difference for them all. You can take your efforts to help birds and the planet even further with a 100% clean energy plan. Sign up today!

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