Ways to Reduce Waste in Your Everyday Routine

Whether you’re an active greenie or you want to take steps toward an eco-lifestyle, reducing waste can have an impact.

Reduce is one of the three R’s for the environment: reduce, reuse and recycle. The goal of the three R’s is to protect the planet by eliminating waste.

When you incorporate reducing waste into your lifestyle, you’re decreasing the amount that’s put into landfills. That’s shrinking your carbon footprint and making sustainable strides.

Use the mantra “consume less and purchase wisely” when thinking about how to reduce waste. Try these simple steps to start you on a more sustainable path.

Reduce waste at home


  • Say goodbye to junk mail.
  • Conserve resources, like water and electricity. Watch your time in the shower, revisit how you wash dishes, use a smart thermostat and effectively use your ceiling fan.
  • Tell the kiddos to color on both sides of the paper (same goes for printer paper if you’re not printing important documents).
  • Composting will reduce your household garbage (and produce some really great soil for your plants and garden).
Reduce waste on the go


  • Save eating your take-out until you’re at home. You can refuse the plasticware and use what’s in your kitchen drawers.
  • Avoid single-use bottles by quenching your thirst with your own water bottle or hot-cold cup.
  • Avoid impulse buys when errand day drags on by packing snacks and treats (for you and the kiddos).
  • Cut your paper towel use in half when drying your hands in public facilities.
Reduce waste while shopping


  • Look at the packaging of your everyday purchases. Are there smarter options, like saying no to single-serve portions?
  • Switch to buying in bulk for your favorite finds (especially if you’re buying for a family).
  • Curb what’s added to your closet when new fashions hit the scene. If your favorite jeans or summer sandals are in good shape, don’t bother replacing them.
  • Say “no bag, please” when you’re purchasing one or two items.
  • Remember your own shopping bags when you have a big haul for groceries or household items.

It’s easy to reduce waste as part of your daily routine. It’s also easy to sign up for clean energy. Put the planet first by powering your home with renewable energy.

And keep up the green momentum by checking out the blog “7 Ways to Live Greener.”

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